Articles (5)

. Personal Collage exhibition hosted by Simerini newspaper and Mr.Hadjicostis(1983)

. Stage & costume design for Theatro Ena’s production ‘ To taxidi’, Nicosia

. ‘Notes & Bows’ coffee table cook book(1991). ‘Cooking for friends’ cookbook(2011)

. Food articles and writer contributor to magazines Time out, Taste, Eva, Sunjet etc

. Editor of ‘What’s happening Famagusta’ seasonal magazine

. Leader of initiative ‘ Ammohostos mprosta’

. Leader of the election campaign of the Mayor of Ayia Napa Mr. Yiannis Karousos

. DJ support and marketing services, Music compilation producer and director (

. Concept Cloth Shop owner Mukta in Nicosia

. Jazz Wine & things, wine shop owner in Nicosia

. Organisation of Dinner/outdoors catering and entertainment for 170 Travel agency delegates in the forest of Troodos mountains at night

. Organizer and host of a surprise travel for 24 hrs of 12 top end directors of a travel organization from Sweden to Cyprus, overnight stay with amenities, elite gourmet dinner and entertainment

. Organization of a fashion show in Zurich, Bylox Boutique (1993)

. Event organizer, weddings and private parties

. KPMG 60 years event organization in Nicosia

. Aphroditi Hera fashion display show in Nicosia and Paphos

. F Vodka launch party in Nicosia

. Welcoming tour reps in Ayia Napa, cocktail event at Thalassa Museum for the Municipality of Ayia Napa

. Presented as a chef ‘My favorite plates’ at the Old Power House restaurant Nicosia by the Municipality of Nicosia

. Being a member of the International Chefs of the world he was flown to locations to oversee and organize private dinners for celebrities, politicians and other ‘important’ people in Greece, Switzerland, and Italy.

. Live concert organization of Michalis Hadjiyiannis, Christos Dantis etc in Ayia Napa

. Wedding organization and private events of lawyer Fotos Pitadjis and actress Nikoletta Karra. Private dinner in honor of singer Despina Vandi from Greece.

. Produced and directed films for PIO Cyprus, the Chamber of Commerce, KPMG, FTV many Hotels, restaurants etc

. Introduced to Cyprus the concept of CITV Cyprus Internet TV before YouTube!

. Directed the concepts of Internet TV for the Municipality of Ayia Napa( and for Mercedes Benz/Lifestyle TV (

. Teacher of marketing for hotel students at Intercollege (1985)

. Bar, chef, service and variable management field’s trainer

. International FTV’s beverages, mixologist for their F vodka, F prosecco and F energy drinks

. Interior design for rooms at Aliathon resort in Paphos, Classic Hotel in Nicosia, private house at Cape Greco, private apartments in Limassol.

. Concept development – Diagorou 12 (Nicosia), Le Bistro d’hier (Ayia Napa), Guru bar restaurant (8 locations), Little Guru Coffee shops, Mare e Monti Italian restaurant (Paphos), The Power House restaurant (Cultural centre of the Municipality of Nicosia), Jazz Café (Paralimni), Romantica Italian restaurant (Nicosia), Grafitti Bar (Limassol), Capones bar (Paphos), Bellini restaurant (Limassol), Classic Hotel (Nicosia), Mukta lounge bar (Nicosia), Fuxia Café (Limassol), Aliathon resort (Paphos), Blue Bar (Nicosia), 59 Knifes (Nicosia), World Food Café (Paphos), Xpress Café (Paphos),  Babylon Club (Nicosia), Vanilla bar (Ayia Napa), Aegeon restaurant (Paphos), Beer Garden (Paphos), Pepper bar (Napa Plaza Hotel, Ayia Napa), Mukta Bar and food (Larnaca), Ipanema Lounge bar (Ayia Napa), Ritual Lounge Soma (Ayia Napa), Tiki Bar (Ayia Napa), The Little Gin Bar (Ayia Napa), Sky Lounge bar, Marrakech Lush Club, Madame Butterfly Bar & Sushi (Paralimni), Isola Beach Bar (Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa), Coffee 'n more (Paralimni), Wine 'n more (Paralimni), KAI chill 'n Joy (Ayia Napa) and more.

. More bar works- Organised and supervised major bartending compatitions for Diplomatico rum and Real products. Judge in the Cyprus finalist bartender's competition for Finlandia vodka 2016, Angostura rum 2019 and for Diplomatico rum 2021

. As a mixologist collaborated with herbalist Miranda Tringis and Distiller Roland Wig and produced a Cyprus Artisan gin ' Black Smokers'


.Corporate Management

.Campaign Management

.Personality development


.Lifestyle events (social, corporate, fashion, weddings, openings, launchings etc)

.Publications and films

.Design and atmosphere


.Menu planning, Mixology, Food pairing


“I help define that and draw decisions and colors and sounds and all the senses are directed through a concept. It needs a strategy and will power and everyone can do everything as good as it gets! Consultancy to do that is my work, this is my concept! ‘Good morning’!”

Paris Christofides


Edited by Elizabeth Kirrane

Paris Christofides is a World traveler, a connoisseur of lifestyle and a perceiver of situations. He has the charisma of seeing through things but seeing things coming in the future as trends although often creating trends! He is an extremely creative person capable of putting things together in a unique manner and has a way to present simple things in a stunning way. He is highly communicative and a people’s person thus a good trainer. He is flexible and adaptable coming from being a gypsy and an aristocrat the same time. His trade is being a consultant on food/drink and music, design and atmosphere, organization and management, personality coaching and…concepts, concepts, concepts!



Born in Nicosia Cyprus in the late 50’s, Paris Christofides receives his Hotel and Catering education in Oxford and Manchester in UK while working around in kitchens and restaurants of various status.

While a student he travels regularly to France where he gets acquainted with the French gastronomy and food culture. During the student years he works in the food and beverage department of the Churchill Hotel in Limassol, and he helps the concept of Ayios Elias in Protaras working closely with the architect Pefkios Georgiades. He returned to Cyprus in 1982 to work in management positions at the Vrissianna Beach Hotel in Protaras, Grecian Beach Hotel in Ayia Napa, Pinewood Valley Hotel in Prodromos, Nissi Beach Hotel in Ayia Napa until 1986 that he sets Cyprus the highest standards of food service with the concept of a French Bistro in a traditional farmhouse in Ayia Napa. The project lasted 15 years and the same location was transformed in 2001 to a new concept that was born, ‘GURU’, a multi global lifestyle bar with food. Paris Christofides puts together ideas and creates a unique concept for Cyprus with International recognition. Guru grows to become a franchise in Cyprus to Limassol, Nicosia, Protaras, Paphos and with more plans to be franchised to other countries. In 1994 he creates another unique and revolutionary food and drink lifestyle concept ‘Diagorou dodeka’ in Nicosia and provides the capital a new way of entertainment day and night.



While at different phases of his personal development, Paris Christofides ‘feeds’ from traveling around the world making friends and seeing through the culture and the history of every single place he visits. He absorbs and often becomes one with the various situations he finds himself into.  France, Switzerland and Italy, visited so often, have helped to form strong basis on the understanding of the culture of food in its geographical, historical evolution. From there on the Scandinavian countries, Scotland, Greece, the Balkans and central Europe unfold as studying fields. The French West Indies in the Caribbean, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint Martin, the British West Indies Barbados and Jamaica, the British Virgin Islands Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Necker, Cuba, were targets for experiencing lifestyle and culture for him. Other destinations were Mexico’s Cancun and Cozumel island, New Orleans, New York, Phoenix, and Dallas. On the subject of Asia, Paris Christofides visits frequently for lengthy stays in Thailand, India and China while experiencing also Cambodia and Vietnam. The Middle East culture too, provided deep experiences and influences through Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and U.A.E .

His experiences from his travels took him to palaces and homes, dining with Maharajas and Princes, black tie events with style in extreme venues or marked by cultural essence, the private island Necker of Richard Branson, the 3 star Michelin restaurants of the world but also to the simple street food culture and most remote places on a house boat at the backwaters in India’s Kerala, in snow houses in Finland, in a eco house at an olive grove in Alonisos Greek island, in a simple farmhouse with friends at Amritsar in Punjab, a little house in the mountains of Aberdeen and lots of other alternatives.


Edited by Elizabeth Kirrane

paris christofides‘Good morning’ for me is not a word to greet a good start of the day. It is a word to mark the awakening of seeing someone you are happy to see, it is a word to mark the awakening to a new idea and to a new challenge, project to become. I often say ‘ Good morning’ to people or to myself while I’m driving, walking, swimming, looking through a magazine or probably even in my sleep! You see an idea is conceived when it's felt, however possible is that! Our minds have incredible capacities and capabilities that are not explored and some of us need a little push to start. Some of us that dared to be ahead, gosh we suffer from those powers channeled through our heads…need to do things…need to get there… need to finish what is endless!

Sometimes I wake up and change my living room around or take all the paintings down or cook loads of food for no reason. I’m sure many of you identify with this. You have the same curse! Or you are chosen or blessed!

Also it is so strange to work hard to get all the details done for an event of 200 people. After you have received the flowers however you ordered them, after directing the service staff, the musicians, the food, lights, the clearing and all that business and while it’s all close to perfection, I usually end up alone at the back kitchen and feeling unsatisfied because I’m already thinking gosh I have nothing to do the next day!

It is like a curse to see on the street this nice looking girl that reminds you of one in that exotic island, you have as a reference, and that you could take her and make her a model out of Vanity fair magazine or else! To spot the handsome guy behind a bar or elsewhere whom you may inject with knowledge and make him an ambassador of a field! So much potential out there! I’m people watching all the time and I’m never alone and bored as I imagine films like Sydney Pollack and at least I have a good time. I am a mental traveler and I create the environment and the mood I want to be in. People around me call me strange and not so easy to be understood. If only they knew where I’m going in the time length of a minute!

It’s wonderful to see through the eyes of people what they want to do or what they long for and what they actually do, are most of the time two different things! I help people pursue what they want to do and most times as I speak the truth comes out as yes you can do it or perhaps aim a little lower or abandon ship!

But whatever the case that comes in front of me it is like a woman that dresses up to go out and about. She can’t wear red nails and lipstick, a mini skirt and high hills and talk shy and have no direction! People need a concept, a day needs a concept, a team, an effort, an organization, a home a life needs a concept too! I help define that and draw decisions and colors and sounds and all the senses are directed through a concept. It needs a strategy and will power and everyone can do everything as good as it gets! Consultancy to do that is my work, this is my concept! ‘Good morning’!

Paris Christofides