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paris christofides‘Good morning’ for me is not a word to greet a good start of the day. It is a word to mark the awakening of seeing someone you are happy to see, it is a word to mark the awakening to a new idea and to a new challenge, project to become. I often say ‘ Good morning’ to people or to myself while I’m driving, walking, swimming, looking through a magazine or probably even in my sleep! You see an idea is conceived when it's felt, however possible is that! Our minds have incredible capacities and capabilities that are not explored and some of us need a little push to start. Some of us that dared to be ahead, gosh we suffer from those powers channeled through our heads…need to do things…need to get there… need to finish what is endless!

Sometimes I wake up and change my living room around or take all the paintings down or cook loads of food for no reason. I’m sure many of you identify with this. You have the same curse! Or you are chosen or blessed!

Also it is so strange to work hard to get all the details done for an event of 200 people. After you have received the flowers however you ordered them, after directing the service staff, the musicians, the food, lights, the clearing and all that business and while it’s all close to perfection, I usually end up alone at the back kitchen and feeling unsatisfied because I’m already thinking gosh I have nothing to do the next day!

It is like a curse to see on the street this nice looking girl that reminds you of one in that exotic island, you have as a reference, and that you could take her and make her a model out of Vanity fair magazine or else! To spot the handsome guy behind a bar or elsewhere whom you may inject with knowledge and make him an ambassador of a field! So much potential out there! I’m people watching all the time and I’m never alone and bored as I imagine films like Sydney Pollack and at least I have a good time. I am a mental traveler and I create the environment and the mood I want to be in. People around me call me strange and not so easy to be understood. If only they knew where I’m going in the time length of a minute!

It’s wonderful to see through the eyes of people what they want to do or what they long for and what they actually do, are most of the time two different things! I help people pursue what they want to do and most times as I speak the truth comes out as yes you can do it or perhaps aim a little lower or abandon ship!

But whatever the case that comes in front of me it is like a woman that dresses up to go out and about. She can’t wear red nails and lipstick, a mini skirt and high hills and talk shy and have no direction! People need a concept, a day needs a concept, a team, an effort, an organization, a home a life needs a concept too! I help define that and draw decisions and colors and sounds and all the senses are directed through a concept. It needs a strategy and will power and everyone can do everything as good as it gets! Consultancy to do that is my work, this is my concept! ‘Good morning’!

Paris Christofides

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